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A couple weeks ago, there was a meme going around in which a lot of Second Life(SL) people/avatars were putting together a collage of change their avatars have gone through over the years of being in SL. From the early newbish low graphics cartoon characters to the recent meshion, higher graphics, beautiful figures we now see.

(The Fabulous Barbara Nicholls Chief Executive Officer for [LeeZu!] and a wonderful friend who I am honored to have gotten to know better over the years!!)

(Another truly inspiring friend GoSpeed Racer who has a heart of gold!!)

I hadn’t really thought of doing one myself. Gracie hasn’t changed much over the years except for maybe changing hair a few times and even putting on a dress every once in a while for party’s. Otherwise she has pretty much stayed in her classic black t-shirt, paint splatter jeans and signature converse.

Yesterday someone posted the Dove Evolution Video. I have seen it many times, but each time it makes such a strong impression.

So what is the connection? Is our perception of beauty based on the artificial? So many people create ideal, thin, beautiful avatars to represent themselves (I did)… Is Gracie really helping me in the struggle for self confidence and self esteem?

When I talk about Gracie to people in the real world. I normally explain that she is my ideal self. She is thin, blond, tall, beautiful, etc. Most say,”But she is a cartoon character… She is not real. How can she be your ideal?” I am still searching for the answer to this question.

I was thinking of how much I have changed in real life since I first started Second Life. Both physically, emotionally and mentally I have changed a lot. Some of it is good, some not so good. As you have seen in previous posts in this blog, which I started a year after I joined SL, I have even changed on purpose to find out the beauty myth behind what it means to be Gracie. I still don’t have the answers.

This is my take on the evolution of change in both Second Life and Real Life. The timeline follows how I looked in real life over the last 5 years of being in Second Life. It was definitely a weird feeling to see how happy I was in the beginning and how I have changed in 5 years and have maybe ‘grown up’ or gotten older. Still a lot to take in. I would love to know your thoughts.

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