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Zoom Freeze Selfies 2022

My computer doesn't like mornings... Every morning when I log into Zoom my computer freezes. I had to laugh and cry when some of these frozen moments were where my computer decided to freeze. I saw art and called the captured images #zoomfreezeselfies

I've taken to documenting these weird, spontaneous freeze-frame moments... This is a collaboration between myself, Zoom and my computer. I never know at what point my computer and Zoom will freeze. I just go about my business and whatever happens, happens.

When I was younger I hated photos of myself! (who am I kidding, I still am not a big fan) My art practice is about facing fears and not caring what anyone else thinks.

These freeze-frame Zoom collaborations are not pretty, but that is the point. I'm putting my true self out there. Crossed eyes/lazy eye, double chin, big nose... I am facing myself so I can face others with less fear and more confidence.

I've come to look forward to these morning collaborations with my computer. It is an ongoing performance in which, for the most part, the outcome is unknown until my computer decides to freeze.

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