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Art Notebook- work in process

Thoughts on my work.

I recently felt compelled to cut up my abstract paintings into 12x12 inch squares. I put them in a stack and they transformed into a sculpture. The earliest paintings were from 1998 and the newest were created in 2015. Approximately 42 paintings deconstructed and reconstructed.

I realized that destruction and transformation are recurring themes in my work.

Before I cut up my paintings into smaller squares, I cut them off of their stretcher bars and hung them from a clothing rack.

I also shaved my head in 2012, removing a large part of my identity.

In 2013 I created a virtual performance/installation called "Binge and Purge" in the virtual world of Second Life. In this work I deleted everything in my virtual online inventory: Original Art. Clothes. Hair. vehicles. My own Art. My home. My dogs. My jewelry. Buildings. Gifts and more.

My recent painted work, Disney and Barbie Vanities, started out as colorful abstract painted children's toys. One day, I tore them apart with a hammer, a saw and by running over them with my car. I had to take away their beauty.

I am working all of this out, but I am kind of loving what I am finding.

More to come...

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