"Comfort and Joy"

Painted, glittered, threaded and vacuum sealed Yogurtland Spoons

Installation, 2019


As a dedicated conceptualist and surrealist autobiographer, my current work is driven by my eating disorder of bingeing on yogurt from Yogurtland. Using the spoons, I collected over many visits to Yogurtland as well as purchasing them on ebay, painting them, wrapping them in thread or glitter and then sealing them in vacuum sealed kitchen bags, I present a view of my world stifled by fear and anxiety. This current work is part of a 'larger body' which I use to address the de(con)struction of self in relation to society's perception/projection/reflection of beauty. An underlying focus is on the complexities of gender identity, body image, and the societal privileging of women's physical beauty over character and intellect.