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Shameless Self Promotion

Hi Friends…

This is gonna be short and sweet, as I have a thesis to write.

Oh, darn, who am I kidding…I can put it off till tomorrow. hahaha

Hopefully, when I get more time, I’ll start writing about the art and artists that make up this beautiful place we ‘live’ called secondlife.

Just wanted to say, thanks to all my friends and family in SL…you are so real and special and I cherish each and every one of you. (ok maybe not each and every one. hmmm..ok maybe only 1 of you…hehehe)  (And no not you Esch!!!!)

 I would totally add the links to all my friends wordpress blogs, but havent figured that part out yet. So help??

Have a great inworld day, and catch ya on the flip side.

Oh..and since as Erik says, I am still shamelessly self promoting myself… be sure to check out my website:

And BUY MY ART!!!!!!



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