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Perceive Me Redux: Nude Portrait Sessions at The Other Art Fair April 4-7th

Kerri-Sabine Wolf

Ever wondered if others see you the same way you see yourself? Now’s your chance to find out.

Inspired by the body positivity project, “Perceive Me,” by artist Kristine SchomakerPerceive Me Redux offers you the chance to rediscover yourself through the eyes of an artist.

Strip down and get the naked truth in a 25 minute nude portrait session with 6 artists, who will each sketch your likeness.

Purchase your favorite sketch (or sketches!) for $25 each.

Any unpurchased sketches will be exhibited and sold at the Fair.  Artists receive 100% of sales from their drawings.

*Portrait sessions are free, available on a first-come first-served basis, and will take place in an private studio setting with changing room onsite at the Fair. (Ages 18+ only.)

Purchase tickets for the fair. Use code PERCEIVEME20 to get 20% off!

PS. "Perceive Me" is continuing on!!! I will be collaborating with new artists and have a couple of cool offshoot projects in the works too!!! Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date!



Perceive Me extends the following rights to people who model. We adopt these rights to protect and support models and to prevent misunderstanding.

This is a safe, inclusive environment where all bodies are welcome.

How does this work?


You sign up for a time to model nude in a private studio setting (more info on that coming soon), in front of a small group of pre-screened professional artists who will draw and paint you for approximately 25 minutes. This can be one long pose, or you can break it up into short poses, take breaks in between, however you like. But we’re asking you to take off all your clothes and pose completely nude. (Only the working artists will see you while you are unclothed, the studio area is not visible to the art fair floor and nobody but assigned artists are allowed into the studio space during posing.)

During your time slot, you will step out of view into a curtained-off changing area, take off your clothes and shoes and leave them on the chair, and put on the bathrobe provided (if you like). 

When you’re ready, you will step out of the changing area and onto the posing platform (or circle or whatever) where the team captain will introduce you to the 5 or 6 artists. You will remove your robe and hand it to the team captain. Tell the team captain how long you’ll be holding your pose and they will keep track of time. If you need to break out of a pose, no problem. Hold any pose as long as it is comfortable. If you need to break out of a pose, no problem. You are not supposed to suffer.

If you want to, you may put the robe back on at the end of each pose. At the end of your 25-minute session, the team captain will hand you the robe to put on and you will walk into the changing cubicle and get dressed. 

How do I pose?

Any way you like. You can literally just stand there, or sit in a chair, or sit or recline on the platform.

Feel free to ask for guidance when getting into a pose 

Pick a comfortable position, pick a spot on the wall to hold your gaze, and settle into the pose. Try to hold still, but it's ok to breathe or sigh or blink!

Feel free to draw inspiration from any of Kristine’s “Perceive Me” artworks; you may also take a classical pose like The Thinker or Venus de Milo, or pantomime something from life: look at your imaginary phone, or reach down to pick up a penny, or throw a football, or point at something far away, or turn to look over one shoulder.

If you move some - IT IS OKAY! Artists are used to some movement. And if you ever need a minute to stretch or reset - that is totally okay as well! 


Perceive Me is an equal-opportunity project. Models have a right to fair and equal treatment, regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, religion, age, gender identity, citizenship or sexual preference. We welcome all to this project. 


You are welcome to model and “be seen and perceived” along with your wheelchair, crutches, prosthesis, walker or any “mobility aid” including your eyeglasses, hearing aid, arm in a cast, neck brace or anything else you need. EVERY BODY is welcome and worthy of becoming a work of art!


Models have a right to work without being photographed. Perceive Me and The Other Art Fair prohibits the use of cameras and camera-bearing cell phones during drawing sessions with a nude model.


Models have a right to a safe storage place for their clothing and belongings during drawing sessions.


Models have a right to a clean, comfortable, and safe posing environment. Perceive Me will cover windows, provide heaters or fans (as  necessary), provide an area for changing, and not allow noxious art materials.


Models have a right to refrain from unduly difficult poses, and to break from poses that become unexpectedly difficult. Perceive Me urges models to speak up about any undue discomfort, and to make the necessary adjustments. Team Captains will be responsible for timing poses, and will keep poses to the agreed upon time. They will also make sure the model is comfortable.


Models have the right to respect and courtesy. Perceive Me will eject people who disrespect or humiliate the model; or models who disrespect the artists and the process.

If you have any questions or requests before/during/after the process, please don't hesitate to ask.

Kim Kimbro

Amanda Mears

Anna Stump

Nancy Kay Turner

Bradford J Salamon

Nurit Avesar

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