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So It has been a crazy busy time for me. I just moved to a new loft…


I am reconnecting with good friends…


I picked up the Avatars from the Beverly Hills Gallery. So glad to have the girls safe at home…LOL

(Left to Right: Sophie Allegiere, Paige Adagio, Lila Rhiadra, Maggie Dezno and Zoe Pegasi) All for sale from between $1500-$1900.


I am also working on some new pieces. Right now I have to put any new Avatars on hold until I can get enough money to have them made. In the meantime I had to work on something else. I decided to play around with the mixed media work I did previously…

And my newest piece…

(“One Way” 12×12 inches mixed media on cradled panel board)

I am going to keep going with these and play around and see what happens.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

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