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Falling asleep in my chair…

I was  just talking to a friend, like 2 minutes ago about falling asleep in our chairs in front of the computer. His excuse is he has a son who as he puts it “adds a whole new layer of exhaustion to -why- you are falling asleep in the chair (and more than not you can’t take a nap because they’ll burn the house down.)” So ok, I will give him  that.

My excuse?

Well, this is what I have going on;

  1. I am social media manager for the Brewery Artwalk Association

  2. I am helping put together a gallery show at the I5 gallery at the Brewery for my art crit group through the Los Angeles Art Association

  3. I just had a one night gig with the Avatars at the WHollywoodHotel

  4. I am working on the installation “Binge and Purge” in Second Life

  5. Iam also working on 88 are better than one, a sub-installation in Second Life

  6. I am trying to sell the Little Abstract paintings because I need the money,

  7. I am working on the new mixed media work to sell at the Artwalk for needed money,

  8. I work a full time job, ummm because I need the money

  9. I am looking for a 2nd job, because I need the money

  10. I am finishing up a piece of art for the Pussycat Challenge in a couple weeks,

  11. I am starting physical therapy for my hands, arms and back because of nerve problems,

  12. I participated in a Brewery LA Art Tour so had to clean the studio,

  13. I just got accepted for a video screening marathon at the Torrance Art Museum and

  14. I am getting ready for the upcoming Brewery Artwalk.

I know there is more going on, but I can’t remember right now…LOL

Yea, life is a bit crazy right now. But, I am very happy. So, totally not complaining. I believe things always work out. It takes hard work, resilience, perseverance and well, hard work to be this content. I am often way to hard on myself. I tell myself, I need to do more. (yes I know you are saying, but how can she do anymore than she is already doing!!!??? LOL) But then I step back and become aware of how tired I am and I slow down. I learn to say no and try to relax. That is the hardest part.

Time to meditate… or well watch Breaking Bad and The Newsroom. It is Sunday night after all!!!

My Little Abstracts… $40 each… info here


And my new mixed media work…

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