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Death of Gracie??

Sharing a thought… in my art talk yesterday, I briefly mentioned the Edu/non profit issue… how scary it is… and what will happen to SL…  I brought up the idea of losing Gracie.

Is that a possibility? What would happen?

Someone said, I(we) would mourn her(other avis) and move on?

So if this is the case, a possibility of losing Gracie, what does that mean? Is this, like a disease, watching the end in sight? and while  I should mourn, I should continue to live on and live every day to its fullest?

Of course we all die someday, somehow… but do you ever think of your Avatar dieing?

Recently people have mentioned moving our avatars to other grids… Will Gracie be the same? While she is me, of course, she is her own avatar. Her clothes, her skin, her hair, her shape, define her as much as her personality.

I am thinking about/working on the bigger issues her… again our online identities, our perception of who we are both online and in RL, how we project ourselves onto our avatars and in turn how they are projected back onto us…

So many ideas to think about.

Right now though, it’s raining outside…  and I can hear and feel it 🙂

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