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Day 36 of Project 365: On motivation

I am sitting  here at my desk feeling really unmotivated, lazy and overwelmed.

I have a laundry list of stuff that I should be doing: painting, gessoing, epoxying, cleaning, taking a shower, shopping for groceries, going to the museum, taking pictures of my art, putting together my portfolio, applying for grants and residencies, paying bills, writing a script for a short documentary, planning an art opening, going to the movies, shopping for clothes, researching art shows to attend, making several calls, walking, yoga, eating right and many other  things that are floating around in my head. I hate being alone. Sometimes it makes all the difference to have  someone help you.

I was also thinking of going to San Diego today. I don’t even want to open the “Game of Thrones” book I started reading.

I know I know baby steps. I guess I’ll jump in the shower. It’s a start. (Or maybe I will watch some more Dr Who??)

(Oh, did I tell you I just started my period?? I guess that totally debunks all of the above…LOLOL)

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