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Day 20 of Project 365: Feeling the love

Today was a really great day. I woke up feeling almost normal after being sick over 2 weeks. I went to the art store and lunch with my good friend Rikki, came home to a wonderful surprise gift from a good friend and then went to a holiday party at LAAA/Gallery 825. This afternoon I was actually contemplating not going to the party. Only for a split second though. I knew Susan would have killed me…LOL I thought about the traffic and how much work I could get done if I stayed home, but then I thought, well my friends would be there and I need to get out and do something other than working on the mannequin. I am so glad I  went. So many of my friends were there. It was wonderful seeing Therese and Sara again, and great to be with Susan and Nurit. I was filled with so much love and warmth after seeing Elizabeth again too. She has a way of making me feel… well loved. It was really nice to see my new friends from my art crit group; Osceola, Sue and Monica. And of course, the pillars of Gallery 825, Peter, Nancy and Jade who brought us all together. I realized I have been so mentally drained lately. My mental energy has run out. It has all gone towards painting. I needed a break. I needed to be around smiles and laughter and socializing. It helped so  much. Thank you for that.

The gratuitous potluck pic!! Soooo much amazing food!!!


Speaking of mental energy… back to the mannequin!! LOL

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