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Day 157 of Project 365: Brewery Artwalk Spring 2013

Had an amazing time this weekend at the Brewery Artwalk. It was  exhausting but  wonderful. I met a lot of new people and even friends I have only known virtually through  Second Life or Facebook. How cool is that???

Things I loved about the Artwalk:

  1. People would walk up the steps and see the Avatars and I could see their faces light  up. I heard over and over again how cool and beautiful they are. My girls were stars for a day. In fact, everyone wanted to get photos with them. LOL (I found a couple posted on Instagram #breweryartwalk )

  2. A lot of people told me how colorful, interesting and beautiful my work is. They loved the colors, the drips and the outlining.

  3. I sold a big painting and a few smaller ones. YAY!!! It’s always sad to see them go, but I am glad they went to great homes where people will love and appreciate them.

  4. I found it really inspiring and maybe validating (not personally but as a society) when people talked about the  dancing avatars, especially the plus size/overweight ones. They felt they were more real and more beautiful. Then I would tell them I am planning on creating at least 11 more physical Avatars in plus size/full figure possible in my shape and EVERYONE loved that. It was a really great feeling!!

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