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Day 14 of Project 365: Socializing and Networking

No dreams last night, sorry! LOL (Or not that I can remember anyway)

How many of you are connected? I mean really connected. And what does that mean? I have my Droid phone and my laptop which I connect to email, Facebook, Twitter (Although I don’t use it enough), Plurk, G+ and Second Life whenever I need. I stay connected with new friends and old, from all over the world. What would happen if the internet went out? What if Facebook was all of a sudden gone? What would we do?

I have a few friends who have lost their phones at various times. They couldn’t remember any phone numbers to call for rides or for help or anything. This is a huge commentary on our society. While I love to be so connected, in fact I have never felt more alive, I admit we are losing something in return.

I love social networking. I have so many friends with so many diverse interests that I learn from them every day. I meet new people online every day just by commenting on other friends’ posts. I don’t know how many friends I have made because we have mutual friends and have similar interests. How cool is that???

I have a lifelong friend who isn’t on Facebook. She didn’t want to lose her privacy. Didn’t want everyone knowing her business. (I think that privacy is what you make of it. If you don’t want people knowing your business, then you don’t post anything you don’t want them to see.) Unfortunately I don’t see her as much anymore, especially since I moved farther away. While we have grown apart over the years, because we have differing interests and lives, I feel that maybe we would have stayed more connected had she been on Facebook.

In the meantime, I love that I have friends in Japan, Germany, Scotland, England, Canada, Australia and even the United States. I was thinking about it yesterday, while you don’t hear accents on Facebook, I think the text client puts everyone on an equal footing. I don’t even notice where people are from. Sometimes I think, oh yea, she is in Australia, no wonder its 100 degrees there, when it’s  only 30 here…LOL

The world is a much smaller place. Boundaries and borders are being broken down.

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