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Day 105 of Project 365: 3 fabulous avatars

I just had my hair buzzed for the last time yesterday. Well when I say last time, I mean for the foreseeable future. Who knows what I will do in the way-off future. I wanted to get rid of the yellow from my bad bleach job. Ick!! I am liking the blond tips though. I am going  to grow it out now and have fun with it. Why not!!

I am posing with my 2 newest artworks. These avatars are going to be part of a series/project I am tentatively titling “A comfortable skin.” There will be 16 of these fab gals. I just epoxied 3 more and am getting ready to prime them. I have to finish them by the end of April for the Artwalk. Easy peasy! “She says rolling her eyes.”

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