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“Contemplating Turing” an installation by Oberon Onmura

Turing Poster 2

I am very pleased to announce a new exhibition opening January 6th at 2pm slt at Turing Gallery in Extropia Core. Second Life. Conceivably one of the most intelligent and creative artists in Second Life, Oberon produced this installation around the Turing galleries quirky, techno-futuristic design.

We hope to see you on the 6th!!

“Alan Turing had a hand in creating modern information theory, in no small part with his thought problem called the “Turing Machine.” One aspect of the Turing Machine is that it is potentially “infinite”, in the sense that it can (theoretically) become any computer and solve any problem, given adequate input. This installation is an artist’s riff on that notion – infinite input, infinite output – even though there’s no computing happening here!”

~Oberon Onmura

OBERON ONMURA has been making art in Second Life for over four years. In that time, his unique approach to exploring the capabilities of physical objects has attracted international attention of blog sites, Second Life and “real life” galleries and publications.

Oberon cites as his primary influences American minimalist art of the 1960s and 70s for its precision of form, Stephen Wolfram’s “A New Kind of Science” for its analysis of complex systems, and Indian classical music for its manifestation of unseen physical reality in art. He has recently become interested in the use of scripted agents (i.e. bots) as art making material.

Oberon’s “real life” person lives and works in New York City.

Recent and current shows

Invited artist – “POLVERE DI STELLE” (Stardust) In collaboration with D. D’Art, Francesca Barbi Marinetti, and Margutta RistorArte of Rome, MIC-Imagin@rium. A tribute to the great Italian film star, Monica Vitti. (December, 2012)

Recipient – Linden Endowment for the Arts Artist-in-Residency Land grant (twice) 2011-2012

Group show – “Further Along the Path”, May, 2012  (Bryn Oh, Curator)

Solo show – Linden Arts Endowment Land Grant – “15k*30m*30d”. February, 2012.

Solo show – Linden Arts Endowment Land Grant – “Wave Fields”. December, 2011.

Group show – Museum of Hyperformalism (multiple works), October – December, 2011 (Dancoyote Antonelli, curator)

Group show – Pirats Omega Art Gallery (“The Chasm”), October, 2011 (Merlina Rokoko, curator)

Collaborating artist (with Eupalinos Ugajin) “Chutes d’Images”, Cariacou sim, July, 2011

Invited artist,  “SynchroniCITY”, AIRE Ville Spatial (Ecologia sim), July, 2011 (Marc Moana, curator)

Participating artist, “Light & Gravity”, Cearleon, July, 2011 (Pixels Sideways,Sunseeker Miklos, curators)

Invited artist, Split Screen installation space, April, 2011 (Davidni Shostakovitch, curator)

Winner, first prize (“Chroma (Loom)”), UWA 3D Open Art Challenge, January 2011

Featured artist, INNOVATION FESTIVAL !D.A.! Digital Art – Museo del Metaverso (SL)/ Academy of Fine Arts Macerata (Italy) – Roxelo Babenco, Curator

Winner, first prize (“Transition Zone”), Gogbot Cyberarts Festival, The Netherlands (September, 2010)

Invitation exhibit – “Transition Zone” – Two Fish (Cariacou sim) curated by Rose Borchovski

Solo show – Fruit Island Arts (“Intersectors”) – Lizzo Dreamscape, Curator

Group show – Invisible Museum of Post-Contemporary Art (“Plaza”) – Rod Mandel, Curator

Group performance – Pirats “Arts Kahos”  Bourbon sim (Merlina Rokocoko, Newbab Zsigmond, Curators)

Group show (with Misprint Thursday) Pirats Omega Arts (Merlina Rokocoko, Curator)

Solo show – “Storm Cells” Cetus sim (Zachh Cale, Curator)

Solo show – “Light Traffic” Deutsche Info Welt (Asmina Duranjaya, Curator)

Group show – Erato of Caerleon Sim – “The Pool” -(Sabrinaa Nightfire, Curator)

Solo show – “Four Galaxies’ – Lennox Hills sim (Zachh Cale, Curator)

Mixed realities performance collaboration with Diogenes Wylder (Watermill Center, NY) April, 2009

Turing Gallery / Extropia Core

Turing Gallery exhibits work that is futuristic + conceptual in nature.  We adhere to the Extropian philosophy of creating an environment of near future and science fiction ideals.Themes include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, The Singularity, Transhumanism, Technology, Space, and all things that emphesiz a a more complete future through advancements in technology.Curator | Gracie Kendal/Kristine Schomaker

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