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Can Gracie Kendal gain weight???

What would happen if Gracie gains weight???

The pictures above are actually Gracie on the left and my avatar, Kris Schomaker on the right. I created Kris as a representation of my real life self because I just couldn’t/wouldn’t change Gracie to be like me in real life.

Someone asked me the other day, why can’t you make Gracie more like yourself?


That is a very good question. Would Gracie’s personality change, if she was overweight? Would her art? Would her friends think differently of her?

I have always said that Gracie is an ideal representation of me. Gracie is who I would like to be. Yes, people have gotten mad at me and asked, why??? “She is a cartoon.” “She is too thin.”

But, Gracie is me. She is the skin that I am most comfortable being in. Especially when people look down on me in the real world for being overweight. Or they don’t look at me at all, which is even worse. I shouldn’t have to lose weight to please everyone else. That is just ridiculous. But I know I can’t change people too.

Now what???

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