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A crisis of Confidence…

So yesterday I was struggling with the idea of identity.

In Second Life I am known as Gracie Kendal. Face Book, Gracie Kendal- Twitter, Gracie Kendal- Myspace, Gracie Kendal- LinkedIn, Gracie Kendal….

Where do you draw the line between RL representation and SL representation? As an artist in RL, I upload my works to Second Life and sell digital virtual copies of my work. I use SL to help get my work out there to a worldwide audience. No one can deny that SL is wonderful for that. But where is the line drawn for crossing over into RL? I applied for the MA in painting Fall of 2008. When I first approached the painting professors with my art and artist statement. They said, one thing that drew me to them, was Second Life. Would I have been accepted on my art ability alone? How long do I use my SL persona and the idea of SL to promote my art? I am going to apply for my MFA February 5th, and I am worried that if I get accepted it will be on the basis of SL. That my art won’t be able to stand alone without it. Especially in the contemporary established artworld that I am trying to break into. How do I incorporate SL into my artist statement. My art hasn’t necessarily been about SL, although my most recent works, come from the emotional rollar coaster that I have gone through from my experiences in SL. How do I put that in my artist statement. I am challenging myself to use SL more IN my art, rather than for my art.

How do I use the social networking tools out there to promote both Gracie Kendal and Kristine Schomaker?

Ugh!!!  I am overwelmed with these thoughts. Trying to make some sense.

I’d love your comments, advice and help, since most of you can understand where I am coming from.

Thank you so so much.

I look forward to hearing from you :)))

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