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There is nothing like working in the studio!!


I consider myself very lucky. I have most everything I could have ever dreamed of. I get to wake up ever morning walk a few feet and paint. I look up at my 30 foot wood slat ceilings every day and thank the universe for giving me this life. (Ok enough of the mushy stuff!)

I am sure most people (especially creatives) can relate to this. I go through such roller coaster days of motivation and  inspiration. Some days I just have nothing in me at all to work. Other days, I start on 5 or 6 paintings. The last few weeks I have been on the up part of that roller coaster. I starter a new series, which I am loving. I finished 8 pieces already and I’m working on 6 more. I also have 6 more “old” painted canvases I am going to reuse. So exciting to know I am going to have a great body of work I can shop to galleries.

These are already available for sale.

I am going to have them photographed and make a portfolio and get them out there. Because of the paint I use and the texture, they are pretty hard to photograph. You may see a few different versions to get the many nuances of the pieces. Hope you like them!!

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