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The “Art” of rejection

It’s been a tough couple weeks. I have received a few different rejection notices about grants and shows that I had applied for.

I know that because I put myself out there more and more I am risking being rejected more and more.

Of course because I am putting myself out there I am also taking the chance that I get accepted. But while I wait for those acceptance letters, it does get old and depressing getting rejected.

Yesterday I had checked out this very cool site that showcases a lot of new media artists… The work is stellar. I was a bit depressed I am not on the site. Sooooooo of course, I submitted a video. LOL I don’t think I submitted the right video though, but we will see. Maybe I’ll submit something else.

I realized I have to up my art game. Especially if I am to compete with so many other talented, amazing artists. And of course, I know that in the grand scheme of things, art is subjective. Jurists, collectors, gallerists, curators will chose art they like or that is cohesive to a whole show. yadda yadda yadda

So what should it matter. I should do art because I love to do it and because I am communicating my ideas and expressing my passion. Right?

Rules of rejection:

  1. Look to your support system.

  2. Don’t give up.

  3. Work, create, do more art

  4. Listen and sing to Violent Femmes (worked for me last night!!)

  5. Don’t give up.

  6. Don’t give up.

  7. Don’t give up.

  8. Don’t worry about other people. Who cares what they do or think. You work is singular. Your reasons for doing your work are your own. No one else can take that away from  you.

  9. There will always be other photographers, painters, new media and performance artists, but there will not be another… you. Be yourself! Be an individual.

  10. Keep going. Accept rejection for what it is and embrace acceptance each time you receive it!

  11. Don’t give up!!!

After I was feeling kinda meh yesterday I went to the “Radical Stimulus” opening at LAAA/Gallery 825. This was a show I was rejected from. The show is really fantastic. After seeing  the amazing artwork in the show, I realized that my work wouldn’t have fit in the grand scheme. (Damn i should have still talked to the juror!!) Congratulations to my friends who did get in, they so deserve it!!!  Campbell Laird, Seda Baghdasarian, Monica Wyatt, Barbara Kolo, Randi Hockett and new friends Richard Slechta and Robert Nelson. Here is a selection from the show.

Then I met my friend Nicole at Phillipes for a damn fine French Dip sandwich. I got home and relaxed with the newest episode of Doctor Who and slept better than I had all week!


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