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Day 35 of Project 365: What is reality anyway?

At the Boxing day party last night, I was surrounded by screenwriters, writers of fiction, non fiction and erotica, video game designers, Whovians and wonderful old Hollywood souls who have lived through the various heydays of the city. While my physical body was there, my mind was in surreal mode, wondering how I got so lucky to be amongst these great people. What reality was this? Was it mine? Hmmmmmm

Talking with the writers and video game designers, we were talking about reality and the idea that even film is virtual reality. Everyone agreed. You become immersed in a story or the cinematography and you forget you are sitting in the theatre or on your couch, unless someone needs to walk by you and they step on your toes. You become part of the story.

This makes living in a virtual world even more exciting and important. I logged into Second Life today for the first time in a couple weeks. It was so lovely to have received so many Holiday and Christmas cards and gifts from so many friends. These are people I don’t know physically in the real world, but I know virtually. They are just as real to me. Just as genuine and beautiful and considerate. Just as sweet and lovely as if I knew them in the physical world. So what is this reality we speak of? Should their be designations for virtual and physical or is it all one in the same?

Have a wonderful week and a beautiful new year!!!!

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