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Day 15 of Project 365: Art and my life

I had another dream today…

Just woke from a nap and yes another dream… all I could remember from this one is that a woman came over to my studio, unexpectedly took one look at my work and asked me if I am with a gallery. I was just waking up and she had to ask again. I said well I am with Gallery 825, but I am looking for representation. She took my hand in both of hers and said very excitedly, “Well my name is… ” (I can’t remember her name!!!! LOLOL) But I knew that I had made it. (Geez, finally!!! After the dreams I have been having lately…LOL) Now if only I can remember her name…LOL

Art is my life. Nothing else to be said.

Oh except, Gracie is getting closer to being in real life…

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