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And the winners are…

This last month, I held a photo/video challenge to help inspire creativity. I have had friends take photos and do video of my virtual immersive installation in Second Life at LEA15, Ce n’est pas une peinture. They have been so fun to look at that I wanted to see what other people would come up with. I offered over 18,000L ($73.00) in prize money and gave about 3 weeks to create works based on the installation.

I asked the amazing photographer, Strawberry Singh and the talented artist/videographer Fuschia Nightfire to join me in judging the contest. We looked at each piece, had a hard time choosing amongst so many amazing pieces. We talked through several works and voted on them for the final winners.  It was a fun process and I was honored to work with these fun and inspiring women. You can see all of the entries in the flickr group here.

Thank you again to all who participated and for so many who have some to the installation. Thank you for your continued support!!!

And… with further a do… Here is a list of the  winners with their respective pieces…


First place goes to Annomis DeVaux Ce n’est pas une peinture


Second Place goes to- Bear Silvershade Ce n’est pas une peinture

Bear Silvershade

Third place goes to- Jewel Appletor A world of black and white

jewel Appletor a world of black and white


First place goes to- Toxic Menges

Second place goes to- Laurel Levitt

Third place goes to- Pixelated Poet

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and came to the party!!! Once I get permission, I will share all the entries here on my blog as well as show an exhibit of the works at the  installation in SL.

Winners from left to right: Jewel Appletor, Bear Silvershade, Pixelated Poet, Judge-Gracie Kendal and Toxic Menges







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