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What happens in Vegas…

Things I have learned… while on vacation this week:

1. I am sexy

2. I am fearless

3. I am not perfect

Written Wednesday…

Just got home from Vegas yesterday and I say, screw the saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”…LOL

It was a fun, interesting and exhausting trip. Things I remember; driving, winning, driving, Blue Man Group, walking, driving and well, yes you guessed it…  driving…LOL

This was my first ‘road trip’ to anywhere in over 3 years. I didn’t realize it till I was there, but this was a huge step for me. 2-3 years ago, I would have packed all my food and been afraid to be so far from home.  Funny, that stuff didn’t even cross my mind.

I went to Vegas and conquered a lot of things I have been afraid of recently. I walked so much. Of course, it’s easy to walk when you are on vacation, but for me, I have been afraid to walk because I have been so out of shape. I didn’t even think about it on this trip. I just did it. No fear right??? We walked through casinos, down the strip, down Fremont Street, back through casinos, up stairs, down stairs and back through casinos dodging multitudes of people along the way. My hips got a work out twisting and turning, that’s for sure…LOL

I felt normal again. Now, I know you are saying, well what is normal anyway. But normal for me was being spontaneous, doing anything and most everything without thinking about it, just doing it. I felt alive again. And even for a little while, I felt sexy. That is until we started walking around MGM Grand’s pool area and I saw all the women in bikinis flirting with the 6-pack clad guys. I was wondering if maybe I had logged into Second Life again. LOL

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