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To be, or not to be… Is that a question?

Gracie- Sooooo, you went to the movies today??

Kris- Yes, in fact I did.

G- And, you saw “Avatar?”

K- Why are you asking, you know I did.

G- Haha, ok. Just trying to make conversation.

K-Yes, I know.. haha

G- So what did you think?

K- OMG I thought it was sooo amazing.

G- Yea? Did you think of me while watching it?

K- Of course I did. I mean you are an avatar.

G- Yea, but not the same.

K- No, not the same, but close.

G- So if you could, would you do what the guy did? Inhabit my body?

K- I don’t know. That is a good question. It’s not the same.

G- Really, How do you mean?

K-Well, in reality, or whatever you call it, you are really more 2D than 3D. I mean you are still an animated character that I use, inhabit, live vicariously through, but only to an extent.

G- Hmmm, Ok, but I still don’t get it.

K- If I could feel the way he did. If I could smell, touch, kiss, fly with the wind on my back, then yes, I totally would.

G- Yea, I guess I do have limits… sighs!!!

K- Yea. I know you feel as I do, as far as emotions and personality, moods, laughter, tears, etc. But to be able to touch someone, is soooo important. I have been missing that in my life for a long time now, and I want that.

G- Yea, I know you have. I’m trying to help you with that, as much as I can.

K- Haha, yes I know. Thanks. I do miss it. Even just a hug. Virtual hugs are all well and good. We share them sooo freely all the time, but people need real closeness and the intimacy of  touch. I want to hold someone’s hand, hold them in my arms, rest my head on their chest and run my fingers through their hair.

G- Ok, this is a PG rated blog isn’t it??

K- Haha, of course it is… although….

G- What?

K- Ummm nevermind… I was just thinking of what I did the other night.

G- What is that?

K- Sighs… well I was in a weird mood, and “have camera, will take pics.”

G- Ohhhh, you didn’t??

K- Yes, yes, I did.

G- WOW!!! I can’t believe it!!!

K- Hey, people have been taking nude pics in the name of art for years and years…and before that they drew nudes… what is the problem? Somone else joked about my blog when they heard that I was taking pictures of myself every day. They made the comment, I’m sure jokingly, when they were going to look at my pics, that they hoped they weren’t nudes. I didn’t think anything of it. Now that I have taken some, I don’t think I could ever show them here or anywhere, but just the idea that I did it.

G- Yea, geesh, thats all I meant!!!  I know how much you hate your body.

K- Yea… and taking the pics and looking at them after wasn’t fun…hahaha. But I did and they are done, and that is all.

G- Hmmmmmm….

K- What?

G- What about taking nudes of me?

K- Hahaha… you? Why? For what?

G- Hey, you said its all in the name of art right???

K- Ummmm yea… but you really want me to?

G- Sure why not. I love my body. I am not afraid to show it, or share it.

K- Hmmm I’ll have to think about it.

G- Yea, sure. I know what that means.

K- What?

G- That means, No.

K- Hahaha. Maybe or maybe not? That is the question.

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