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The end of an era… or… new beginnings?

It  kind of depends on whether you think the cup is half empty or half full as to what you think of my latest virtual performance/installation. Yes, I deleted my entire inventory in Second Life. Or what I was allowed to delete. Turns out I can’t delete my library or calling cards. Well I can delete calling cards, but they just show up again because I still have those friends on my list. AND I am NOT deleting my friends!!!

This past Sunday,  I finished the performative aspect of this  project. I deleted everything I have ever owned, bought, created, was gifted and  traded. Everything. The only thing I am keeping is my skin, shape and AO.

I have to tell you, during the performance on Sunday, it was a rather liberating feeling letting go of all the  stuff. I felt like I did when I had my hair shaved off. I felt free.

I do have to say though, I got a bit sad when I was looking at some old Second Life photos today. I was looking at the comics I made for my Masters Thesis, and I was saying to myself, “Oh I remember that house, or that dress.” At least I have photos on my hard drive.

Here are some photos of the final durational performance of “Binge and Purge”…

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