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The Avatars in Beverly Hills!!!!

I’m so sorry I have been absent from blogging. Life has been crazy this last month, plus I have been sick with this damn head cold. Finally feeling a bit more like myself. Thankfully!!!

Soooo, Gosh where to begin!!

So much has been going on!!!

Well I know it is short notice, but tonight, I have a piece in a fundraising exhibit at Garboushian gallery in Beverly Hills. I am proud to have donated a piece to support local artists and filmmakers. Stop by if you can and purchase some amazing art by talented LA artists at great prices!! This totally cool event will help raise money for “the making of a documentary film on southern California artists who share the skill and affinity of surfing and how their love of, and interactions with the dynamics of the ocean inform their artwork.”


Next Saturday the 22nd, I am a featured artist at ‘The Gallery’ in Beverly Hills. I was honored to be invited to show The  Avatars for the first time in a gallery setting. The opening is  sure to be a lot of fun. Hope you are able to make it out!!

art party invite1 (2)

Also on the 22nd, is the debut of a short film of my virtual installation Ce n’est pas une peinture at TRACTIONARTS in Downtown LA. I will be at the closing reception on  July 6th. This is a really great venue that is letting video artists show their work in a public art setting by projecting the work through a window in the space. Seen from the outside on Traction Avenue, the films fit right in with the graffiti laden walls of the arts district.


Also this month, I am moving. I found a wonderful new loft here at the Brewery which I am so excited to move in to. Brick walls, high wood ceilings, air conditioning and a washer and dryer. What more can you ask for?? The space  is located on a beautiful peaceful garden path too. Plus, there is enough  space for additional artist  studios. So I am looking for artists who  want to work and show their art at the Brewery. Contact me for details if you are interested.


I am also honored to be starting an internship with the Los Angeles Art Resource team very soon. Plus, I am looking for a second job in social media, marketing and PR. If you hear of anything let me know.

Ohhhh, AND I have an installation at the Second Life Community Celebration for the 10 year anniversary opening June 16th. It’s a smaller and a bit different version of Ce n’est pas une peinture. More info to come once the  party begins!!

Ce n'est pas une peinture SL10B by Gracie Kendal (4)

As always I have paintings for sale. You can see my work on my website under paintings. Contact me for pricing and availability.

Also, keep an eye out for a housewarming/open house/art preview in July!!!

Thank you so much for your love and support!! Have a wonderful week and hope to see you soon!!!

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