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“Systems of Existence”

We had a wonderful time at the opening of  Systems of Existence. If you missed it, the show will be up for a couple of months, with a planned art talk in about 4 weeks. Definitely stop by!!

 Systems of Existence features art from 7 artists whose work exemplifies the ideals of Turing gallery at Extropia.

Alan Dojoji/Alan Sondheim, Fau Ferdinand/Yael Gilks, Formatting Heliosense/Patrick Millard, Jo Ellsmere with Philos Kidd, Qiezli hixantapo/Jeremy Owen Turner with Michael Nixon, Selavy Oh and Xisuthra Lomu/Erik Rzepka

Turing Gallery exhibits work that is futuristic + conceptual in nature. We adhere to the Extropian philosophy of creating an environment of near future and science fiction ideals.

Themes include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, The Singularity, Transhumanism, Technology, Space, and all things that emphesiza a more complete future through advancements in technology.

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