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Saying Good-bye… to Second Life stuff!

Please join me Sunday Oct 20th at 10am pst/slt as I finish the durational performance where I delete the entire contents of my Second Life Inventory. The performance/installation Binge and Purge was going to slowly be played out until the end of December. While I still have the space and  will continue the installation on a conceptual level, I am going to finish the purge and delete my entire inventory on Sunday. One of the main reasons I am finishing tomorrow is because of the recent changes with the Second Life Terms of Service. You can read more about it on Bryn Oh’s farewell to LEA post and Tuna Oddfellow and Shava Suntzu close the Oddball.

I will start at 10am slt and take as long as is needed. It could take 4 hours, or it could take 8.

While I understand that my content is not gone forever but sitting on servers somehow somewhere, it is more on principal and in solidarity with my friends and fellow artists. As an artist, my work is mine. No one elses. I don’t believe the Lindens would actually do anything with our content. This performance while about me personally, has become a very public work of art about the  authorship, ownership and the ability to do what we damn well please with our content. Just to be clear, I am not leaving Second LIfe, in fact I am hoping to do more performance based works. I am not going to be building content for a while, or at least until the LIndens change their TOS. I love Second Life. It is an amazing platform for creativity, discovery, education, charity, music, art, education, friendship, love and diversity. I still see so much potential, especially in the future of creating a hybrid between the virtual and the physical.  I have plans of doing RL/SL performance work. So I am definitely not leaving. Just saying good-bye to stuff.

I hope to see you Sunday!!

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