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Running interference- new paintings

This is the title of my new series of work.

The title has a couple different meanings. First, it is based on the specific type of paint I use. It is called ‘interference’ paint. “An Interference color is laminated mica pigment that “flip-flops” from a main color to a weak complimentary one. The phenomenon is similar to naturally occurring light interferences such as gas or oil on water, or a butterfly wing. The position of the viewer and the direction of the light source create interesting visuals. In direct light, the main color, such as Interference Gold shines beautifully, but with indirect light, a translucent blue color appears.” (From the GOLDEN website)

Second, It  has to do with a shift in direction for my painting style. As you know, normally I paint in really bright vivid colors. I love color. But I feel I have to challenge myself and try new things, go in different directions. So I am interfering  (interrupting) my regularly scheduled program to bring you something new and exciting.

This series is about the act of looking. The act of ‘seeing’ art and beauty. Lately when I walk into a gallery, sometimes I turn around and walk back out, because I don’t see anything of interest. So much art is conceptual right now, I want to see it. I want to look and examine. Almost, but not really touch it. Hence my interest in the luscious, sumptuous, delicious leap into physical depth of painting. I am also attracted to the beauty of painting. Well really, who isn’t?? My other work, the new media work is conceptual. My paintings are about beauty, about enticing the eyes, about giving sensuality to the surface, so much so that you want to touch it… but can’t. (Well not unless you own it, or are the artist)

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