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Presence and Transience in a virtual world

A couple months ago I started a performance/installation  called “Binge and Purge.” My plan is to delete my entire Second Life inventory over a 5 month period by rezzing the objects on a sim and deleting them.

I am also deleting any notecards, calling cards, animations etc. Anything that I can’t rez is disappearing into the ether, or some lonely server somewhere.

This morning I did part of that performance. I deleted the latest iteration of objects from my inventory and rezzed a whole new set of items. The beautiful women I had previously posted, gone. The bubbles and rain, gone. Some art collected over the years, gone. Just like that. A couple clicks, bam, gone.

Life is so transient.

That is it. in a way final. Well, in every way, final. A friend said I was demonstrating the transience of transience.

I don’t know, I still can’t explain why I am doing this.

Here are some images of my latest purge.

I still have 26,582 items in my inventory… geesh, I don’t think this will ever end…LOL

Click here to visit Binge and Purge in Second Life.

Btw… I am loving making really cool sub-installations out of objects in my inventory. I am loving multiples… Hmmmmm

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