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Now what??? Day 1

So now what?

I finished the 1000+ Avatars project and my mixed reality installation of “And one man in his time plays many parts.” Now what? It is the end  of an era of sorts. I have also decided to move out of my home in Second Life too. As much as I love my home and I love the community I live in, I just can’t afford it  right now. I feel this is a good time for change. I am actually excited about the freedom I will have of  being a hobo. As I was recently reminded, do you know what hobo means? “Homeward Bound.” Although I am letting go of my home in Second Life, I think this will help me find my center, my home within myself. It is a great thing.

I started painting again. I haven’t really painted much in a couple years. I missed it. I needed it.

I have been thinking of doing the 365 days of blog posts thingy. I have some friends who are doing it and  I love reading their blogs. Their goings on, etc. Of course I did this with the Gracie Kendal Project 3 years ago. I only got to 159 days though. Although I learned so much about myself at the time… I still have a way to go. I am in a much better place in my life, but still struggling with my eating disorder and self confidence.

So if I start the 365 days of posts thingy, today is day 1. I think this will be good for me actually. It will be cathartic. It will be my sketchbook/journal/notebook. Especially for The Gracie Kendal Project which is  now called “Gracie and the Real Girl.” This is still an ongoing project that will continue as long as is needed.

I have ideas for new mixed reality performances which I will be working on implementing so that is exciting. For now let’s see where this goes. Where it continues. Where the next path takes me. See you along the way!!

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