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My adventures in sex and romance

So I was sitting with some girl friends tonight, having a really great conversation on dating. One of my friends suggested I check out this book “A round-heeled woman- My late life adventures on sex and romance.” As soon as I saw it, I was immediately intrigued.

Now I haven’t really talked about sex and romance in The Gracie Kendal Project, but I have been thinking about it a lot lately. The Young British artist Tracy Emin did a piece called “Everyone I ever slept with.”

I had thought it would be such an interesting idea to recreate this project in Second Life. So many questions would come up. What does it mean to “Sleep with” someone in Second Life? How does anonymity apply? How would this project deal with the idea of identity in Second Life? How does this help me on my journey of self exploration?

Of course, I decided not to do this particular project. I couldn’t list the people I have slept with. It wouldn’t be fair to them. (So you can breathe easier now..hehe)

As I go into part II of my transformation into becoming my Avatar I have been thinking about questions of sex and romance. What has it meant to have relationships and lovers in Second Life? How has the idea of feeling desired in Second Life carried over into my real life? What have I learned about myself through all my relationships? What is my next step?

More to come…

BTW… I ordered the book 🙂

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