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“Me, My Alts and I”

There are many kinds of support in our lives. Yesterday I was going to my therapy appointment in real life… and then in Second Life, I was chatting with one of my best friends, Chrome Underwood. Not only an amazing artist, but a gracious, sweet, caring, witty and OMG intelligent guy. Thank you for always listening and offering your unstinting words of wisdom and kindness. (And Douglas if you’re reading this, you know I feel the exact same way about you!! :P)

“Me, My Alts and I”

Alt: “Alternate accounts… multiple identities… We all have them in some way or another. Perhaps in real life you’re an entrepreneur in the morning, soccer mom in the afternoon, and vegetarian chef in the evening. In Second Life, you get to externalize these roles in customized, uniquely identifiable personas — otherwise known as alt accounts. How cool is that?” (

So as always, I have been tirelessly thinking about this project. Sometimes I am stuck. Other times ideas just come to me with no idea where they came from.

I was sitting here with the girls thinking about where this project is going? what it will become? where my journey will take me? You know, all those serious deep questions we all ponder in our lifetimes.

I have already thought that I want to make this project into a book. Especially the “Days” portion of it. I have also been working on a couple other offshoot projects. One called “The Adventures of Gracie Kendal” and another “Me, My Alts and I” which will be installed the beginning of next year sometime. I realized that these are actually chapters in this whole project. I’m really excited to see where these go, that’s for sure.

Speaking of chapters… So often people talk about chapters in our lives. One chapter ends, another begins and so forth. I look at my life and feel its a postmodern book. My chapters seem to overlap, disconnect, go backwards, go against the status quo (whatever that is) and question my own identity. In this ecclectic pastiche (I love that phrase) of a book, I often think about the last chapter. What would it say? Would it be a mash-up of greatest hits from my life? Or a final wish fulfilling, fairy tale happy ending? Would I be depressed because I didn’t achieve what I wanted? What do I want? What are my hopes, dreams and wishes? What makes me happy? That is what this book is about. This is what my journey is for. I don’t want to end in that last chapter asking myself why I didn’t do this or that. What my life was about? What happened to me? I don’t want any regrets.

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