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Just who IS Gracie Kendal?




[2010/10/09 12:08]  lizsolo Mathilde: So…. Just who IS Gracie Kendal?

[2010/10/09 12:09]  RAG Randt: take your pick lol

[2010/10/09 12:09]  lizsolo Mathilde: lol

[2010/10/09 12:09]  Tesserae Swansong: but your pick would be ‘what’ not ‘who’

[2010/10/09 12:09]  Selonna Torok: She’s who she wants to be… that in assuming the identity she’s chosen for herself through Second Life, she’s become whatever her ‘ideal’ is.

[2010/10/09 12:10]  lizsolo Mathilde: who she wants to be

[2010/10/09 12:10]  lizsolo Mathilde: I like that

[2010/10/09 12:10]  lizsolo Mathilde: we hear you

[2010/10/09 12:10]  Fury Warwillow: Are SL avatars always the ideal?

[2010/10/09 12:10]  Selonna Torok: I think it’s a kind of liberating thing… to be who you want to be. But what happens when who you want to be isn’t “good enough” for others?

[2010/10/09 12:11]  lizsolo Mathilde: how can you tell Selonna

[2010/10/09 12:12]  gazelle Falconer: is gender so important a commodity that we cannot merely be persons? That would truly be liberating

[2010/10/09 12:12]  Pythia Oh: You could use a genderless av. You could be a rock. or a tree.

[2010/10/09 12:12]  lizsolo Mathilde: it is strange how we all choose human avatars most of the time, when we can be anything at all

[2010/10/09 12:13]  Hardwarehacker Hoch: I agree lizsolo

[2010/10/09 12:13]  gazelle Falconer: I don’t see any rocks or trees in the ‘diorama?’

[2010/10/09 12:13]  Kara Trapdoor: I enjoy being many diff things in SL and taking pics and video of it too… Na’vi, heavy girl, a guy, hedgehog, different races, body and hair changes, a child, and the list goes on and on.. but in the end I generally make my girl look like RL .. only younger : )

[2010/10/09 12:13]  Ze Moo: well I choose a human fleshatar not to attract to much attention on this planet.. ,P

[2010/10/09 12:13]  Tozh Taurog: It isn’t exactly news that given a chance most women want to be “pretty”. So there are four shapes here. And a lot more in world…. And….?

[2010/10/09 12:13]  Selonna Torok: Well, for example, Gracie links to this article:,8599,1739601,00.html In which the author originally created an avatar, but because his sister deemed it ugly… he felt ugly. And later, when he created an avatar that was more ‘pleasing’, he felt more confident. Why couldn’t he be satisfied with how *he* wanted to be versus the perception that others cast upon him?

[2010/10/09 12:14]  gazelle Falconer: then that brings in the frailty of persons

[2010/10/09 12:15]  Selonna Torok: Tozh, to me, this exhibit shows us the “stages” we go through in SL… We start with nothing but our skins (and some faboosh shoes, by the way). And then, we try to personify our real selves. Some get swept away in the sex industry, etc… And then, in the end, we all come out as the ‘lovely’ byproducts of our experiences.

[2010/10/09 12:15]  Tesserae Swansong: no matter how you view the gradations that Gracie offers here, they are/she is all young, and that is also part of the equation.

[2010/10/09 12:16]  lizsolo Mathilde: ah I see what you mean, Selonna.. amazing how other’s perceptions of us can make us feel differently about ourselves – we are all a little insecure in our identities perhaps?

[2010/10/09 12:16]  FreeWee Ling: The point is not what Gracie has chosen, I think, but that she has a choice, as do we all.

[2010/10/09 12:16]  gazelle Falconer: what if he said “who cares. I like it”

[2010/10/09 12:16]  Tesserae Swansong: well, and has she chosen?

[2010/10/09 12:16]  lizsolo Mathilde: yes gazelle

[2010/10/09 12:16]  Tozh Taurog: Selonna, I’m sorry, but that is such a generalization that I don’t know where to start. And it’s not even accurate. We start as ‘generic’ and become more personalized, not the other way around.

[2010/10/09 12:17]  FreeWee Ling: She’s chosen to reflect her rl here and vice versa, I think.

[2010/10/09 12:17]  gazelle Falconer: lol

[2010/10/09 12:17]  Truelie Telling: you say ‘Gracie’ has chosen… are Gracie and Kris different? is Gracie really able to make a choice?

[2010/10/09 12:17]  Selonna Torok: I was speaking in a general way because it’s so vague, one has to be general. 🙂

[2010/10/09 12:17]  Selonna Torok: That’s how I perceive it… you’re welcome to perceive it in any way you wish. Just as she’s welcome to perceive her avatar any way she wants.

[2010/10/09 12:18]  lizsolo Mathilde: I think you made a very valid point selonna

[2010/10/09 12:18]  Tesserae Swansong: but why do we care? why does she care… about the perception of image, I mean? is it to be loved? to hold power? or ?

[2010/10/09 12:18]  lizsolo Mathilde: I see avatars as extensions of puppets, to use a metaphor

[2010/10/09 12:19]  gazelle Falconer: I see mine as a tool to explore and discover

[2010/10/09 12:19]  Ataraxia Azemus: Our appearance always says something about us, wherever we are

[2010/10/09 12:19]  lizsolo Mathilde: we insecure humans crave approval, even for our avatars

[2010/10/09 12:19]  FreeWee Ling: Our representations here are aspects of our real selves. So if we choose to represent ourselves in a different species or genre, what do we learn from those choices?

[2010/10/09 12:20]  Truelie Telling: perhaps that we have learned to distrust humanity

[2010/10/09 12:20]  lizsolo Mathilde: or that we can become whatever we imagine

[2010/10/09 12:20]  gazelle Falconer: but we are not children

[2010/10/09 12:20]  Tesserae Swansong: how do choice and change/changeability relate, then? If we can change again and again, are we making choices or just trying on personae?

[2010/10/09 12:20]  lizsolo Mathilde: which I think is where this is all going eventually

[2010/10/09 12:21]  FreeWee Ling: I think this gives us an opportunity to experiment. To try on different personas to see how they fit.

[2010/10/09 12:21]  lizsolo Mathilde: or expressing different aspects of our personas

[2010/10/09 12:21]  Tesserae Swansong: what strikes me is how easy it is to change in a virtual realm, but how difficult to do that in first life.

[2010/10/09 12:21]  Truelie Telling: living out what we want and cannot live

[2010/10/09 12:21]  Selonna Torok: I like that, Liz

[2010/10/09 12:21]  lizsolo Mathilde: or making what we want real in some way

[2010/10/09 12:21]  lizsolo Mathilde: 🙂

[2010/10/09 12:22]  Tesserae Swansong: true

[2010/10/09 12:22]  gazelle Falconer: hmmmmm. that would mean that a persona equals an Avi FreeWee

[2010/10/09 12:22]  Selonna Torok: In my ‘real life’, I’m a hard working female in the Army… I don’t always get to ‘be pretty’. But here, my avatar is almost always exclusively pretty, whether the pretty that I like or the pretty that is generally liked… Maybe that says something.

[2010/10/09 12:22]  gazelle Falconer: *an sorry not and

[2010/10/09 12:22]  Truelie Telling: I can be the ME I feel like… the ME I identify as… which is NOT what I appear to be in rl

[2010/10/09 12:23]  Tesserae Swansong: well, in fact we don’t have the logistical options to be (to look like) what we are in first life. sometimes I wish that we did.

[2010/10/09 12:24]  gazelle Falconer: which brings it down to image

[2010/10/09 12:24]  Ze Moo: Avatars are in cyberspace, what vehicles & fashion & fleshatars are in meatspace

[2010/10/09 12:24]  Selonna Torok: I think I’m also unjustifiably judgmental of how others look in SL even more than I am of how people look in RL… It’s as if I expect *more* from avatars in SL because it’s so easy to change.

[2010/10/09 12:24]  Truelie Telling: no… identity is far more than image

[2010/10/09 12:24]  lizsolo Mathilde: yes

[2010/10/09 12:24]  Ataraxia Azemus: I wonder if most people would choose to, Tess. Or if ideals would still win out.

[2010/10/09 12:24]  lizsolo Mathilde: there really is that sense of “embodiment” when you start working with an avatar

[2010/10/09 12:25]  lizsolo Mathilde: virtual embodiment, we inhabit these forms with our consciousness

[2010/10/09 12:26]  Ze Moo: and fashion is very virtual in RL: spending money on avatar fashion just as ‘ridiculous’ or ‘clever’ as spending money on fleshatar fashion, it’s all communication, only existing in the mind

[2010/10/09 12:26]  lizsolo Mathilde: does anyone feel physically connected to their avatar?

[2010/10/09 12:27]  Tozh Taurog: What do you mean by ‘physically’?

[2010/10/09 12:27]  gazelle Falconer: is our interaction with others hampered by or helped by our avi’s appearance?

[2010/10/09 12:27]  pixel Reanimator: I sure do

[2010/10/09 12:27]  lizsolo Mathilde: hmm, like say, if your avatar dances you feel it in some way, or if your avatar flies

[2010/10/09 12:27]  Tozh Taurog: Absolutely. 😀

[2010/10/09 12:28]  lizsolo Mathilde: yes ze, all concept

[2010/10/09 12:28]  Truelie Telling: interaction with others is definitely helped by our avvies appearance…

[2010/10/09 12:28]  Tesserae Swansong: it is interesting that Kris/Gracie dresses these racks of four in the same clothes. I do not see women of size dressing in the same ways, the same clothing choices that thin women do.

[2010/10/09 12:28]  Ataraxia Azemus: Or hampered. A weird avie sets off griefer bells.

[2010/10/09 12:28]  Truelie Telling: yep

[2010/10/09 12:29]  Fury Warwillow: lizsolo, my feet get tired after standing for awhile in SL, and I find myself looking for somewhere to sit

[2010/10/09 12:29]  lizsolo Mathilde: haha, that’s funny.. I would like to explore that physical connection – I suspect it is something that will become a part of the interface someday

[2010/10/09 12:30]  FreeWee Ling: I hate the thumping sound when I bump my head on something.

[2010/10/09 12:30]  lizsolo Mathilde: it is funny how we often look to sit down at meetings or shows as well

[2010/10/09 12:30]  FreeWee Ling: Makes me wince

[2010/10/09 12:30]  gazelle Falconer: lol

[2010/10/09 12:31]  lizsolo Mathilde: lol

[2010/10/09 12:31]  Ze Moo sure feels physically connected to some of his avatars, body reacts to avatar in surprising ways sometimes…

[2010/10/09 12:31]  gazelle Falconer: I will say this that avis do teach us things

[2010/10/09 12:31]  gazelle Falconer: i.e.

[2010/10/09 12:31]  Ze Moo: at meetings when our avatars don’t sit down, don’t we get physically tired sooner?

[2010/10/09 12:32]  Ze Moo: like now…hehe

[2010/10/09 12:32]  FreeWee Ling: Some of our Caerleon team started working in an OpenSim grid. It was funny how the first week or two no one could get any work done because they had to get their bodies in order first.

[2010/10/09 12:32]  gazelle Falconer: this was an education

[2010/10/09 12:34]  Truelie Telling: is it the same Gracie if another person inhabits it?

[2010/10/09 12:34]  Tesserae Swansong: that’s part of the bugaboo with the whole topic of identity, imo. I think we ‘know’ who Gracie is and who is not Gracie…

[2010/10/09 12:35]  Tesserae Swansong: no matter the shape

[2010/10/09 12:35]  Truelie Telling: but my avatar has different taste than my human… would she still, if someone else was ‘being’ her?

[2010/10/09 12:35]  Tesserae Swansong: well, what I mean is that I am not so sure that identity is ambiguous.

[2010/10/09 12:35]  FreeWee Ling: Well, for example. Say I have an alt here. One of you is an alt. Would it bother you to know me in one context and my alt in another and not know that we are the same in rl?

[2010/10/09 12:36]  Truelie Telling: depends on what we were doing together, Free…

[2010/10/09 12:36]  FreeWee Ling: Identity goes two ways. Who I am to me may not be ambiguous to me, but who I am to you is anyone’s guess.

[2010/10/09 12:37]  lizsolo Mathilde: is an interesting question – are your two avvies different identities

[2010/10/09 12:37]  Tesserae Swansong: but to me you are consistent, just as you are to yourself

[2010/10/09 12:37]  FreeWee Ling: How do you know?

[2010/10/09 12:37]  FreeWee Ling: You only know what I reveal to you.

[2010/10/09 12:37]  Tesserae Swansong: consistency does not imply inflexibility, I think.

[2010/10/09 12:38]  Tesserae Swansong: really? smiles

[2010/10/09 12:38]  FreeWee Ling: Consistency does not define unambiguity.

[2010/10/09 12:38]  Tesserae Swansong: you reveal with text/words, with choices, with actions, with silences even

[2010/10/09 12:38]  lizsolo Mathilde: this thought occurs to me – It’s what is on the inside that counts

[2010/10/09 12:38]  Tesserae Swansong: just as the 16 are doing now

[2010/10/09 12:39]  Tesserae Swansong: I agree lizsolo, yes

[2010/10/09 12:39]  FreeWee Ling: When I inhabit an alt, I feel different. The way I interact with others changes. I am not always the same “me”

[2010/10/09 12:39]  lizsolo Mathilde: and no matter what our outer “identity”, it’s what is inside that shines

[2010/10/09 12:39]  Ze Moo: great debate ã‹¡

[2010/10/09 12:39]  lizsolo Mathilde: interesting frewee, I think I feel the same way in my alts

[2010/10/09 12:40]  Ze Moo: and important debate imho

[2010/10/09 12:40]  lizsolo Mathilde: I mean different

[2010/10/09 12:40]  Ze Moo: for the future of mankind…

[2010/10/09 12:40]  Ze Moo: .)

[2010/10/09 12:40]  Tesserae Swansong: but how do we get ourselves to feel good about who/what is on the inside? that’s the rub

[2010/10/09 12:41]  lizsolo Mathilde: yes Tesserae, that is the rub!

[2010/10/09 12:41]  lizsolo Mathilde: I think this is something we all have to work through

[2010/10/09 12:41]  Fury Warwillow: we explore the aspects of ourselves that are disturbing to us, and try to come to terms with them

[2010/10/09 12:42]  Tesserae Swansong: ok, so…. (ducking this time 🙂 does dolling up in these pretty or handsome avatar forms help us or hurt us?

[2010/10/09 12:42]  FreeWee Ling: It can do both.

[2010/10/09 12:42]  Truelie Telling: but we bring our lifetime of lessons… each set unique… and here we try to enact what we have learned in rl… that external beauty has power

[2010/10/09 12:42]  FreeWee Ling: Depends on the individual. What are you trying to explore?

[2010/10/09 12:43]  lizsolo Mathilde: yes, and the avatar evolves over time, changes all the time

[2010/10/09 12:43]  Truelie Telling: particularly the power to attract/create love

[2010/10/09 12:43]  FreeWee Ling: Some people come to explore their darker sides.

[2010/10/09 12:43]  Fury Warwillow: Yes, as I do Free

[2010/10/09 12:43]  Truelie Telling: there is power there too

[2010/10/09 12:44]  Truelie Telling: perhaps we are looking to fill in what we feel is missing, in part

[2010/10/09 12:44]  Truelie Telling: power… control… love…

[2010/10/09 12:45]  FreeWee Ling: Or to discover what we didn’t ever imagine about ourselves.

[2010/10/09 12:45]  Tesserae Swansong: I think so, Truelie. in first life, I go shopping 🙂

[2010/10/09 12:45]  Tozh Taurog: Second life shopping is cheaper. 😀

[2010/10/09 12:45]  Tesserae Swansong: absolutely!

[2010/10/09 12:45]  Truelie Telling: yep

[2010/10/09 12:45]  FreeWee Ling: I go shopping here. Hardly ever leave the house in rl. heehee.

[2010/10/09 12:45]  Truelie Telling: I hit the thrift stores in rl… and the hunts in sl

[2010/10/09 12:45]  Truelie Telling: low damage, high reward

[2010/10/09 12:46]  Tesserae Swansong: yep

[2010/10/09 12:46]  Fury Warwillow: I’m a bit of an Xstreet addict

[2010/10/09 12:46]  FreeWee Ling: My inventory is over 62K

[2010/10/09 12:46]  gazelle Falconer: lol but they don’t have cereal and their milk isn’t very fresh

[2010/10/09 12:46]  Tesserae Swansong: but then, we look good in pretty much everything here.. right?

[2010/10/09 12:46]  Truelie Telling: I can get way better stuff here!

[2010/10/09 12:46]  lizsolo Mathilde: my avatar dresses much better than I do

[2010/10/09 12:47]  Truelie Telling: ah… the rewards of new hair…

[2010/10/09 12:47]  FreeWee Ling: If we choose to. Most people choose to look good Some chose to look ugly or weird.

[2010/10/09 12:47]  gazelle Falconer: which brings up another point to me

[2010/10/09 12:47]  Truelie Telling: making a statement

[2010/10/09 12:47]  gazelle Falconer: what else allows us the flexibility of how we look and what we wear

[2010/10/09 12:47]  Tesserae Swansong: being heard, being visible, in other words?

[2010/10/09 12:47]  lizsolo Mathilde: yes, I love being able to respond immediately with my avatars appearance

[2010/10/09 12:48]  FreeWee Ling: Some people bring their imperfections in here with them. Disabilities or deformities.

[2010/10/09 12:48]  lizsolo Mathilde: to real things that are happening

[2010/10/09 12:48]  FreeWee Ling: I wear glasses here sometimes, as I do in rl.

[2010/10/09 12:48]  lizsolo Mathilde: RL

[2010/10/09 12:48]  Truelie Telling: to challenge ‘beauty’ to include them

[2010/10/09 12:49]  Tesserae Swansong: it strikes me that in first life, the older one gets, the less visible s/he is.. also true for what Gracie calls ‘imperfections’.. the more, the less ‘visible’ in society’s eye

[2010/10/09 12:49]  Tozh Taurog: Well, I actually have a shape that does not look great in everything. It’s a comforting experience in a way, something to relate to RL.

[2010/10/09 12:49]  FreeWee Ling: I’ve seen disabled people here who bring their wheelchairs with them.

[2010/10/09 12:49]  Fury Warwillow: One thing sl appearances teach us is that they truly, in the end, don’t matter

[2010/10/09 12:50]  gazelle Falconer: ty

[2010/10/09 12:50]  Tesserae Swansong: you know, Fury, I think you are on to something.

[2010/10/09 12:50]  Fury Warwillow: I ultimately don’t care how people ‘look’, I am profoundly interested in who they are

[2010/10/09 12:50]  FreeWee Ling: I disagree. The way you present yourself has a large impact on how you will be perceived.

[2010/10/09 12:50]  Fury Warwillow: Initially yes

[2010/10/09 12:50]  Truelie Telling: hmmm… Fury, I guess I still haven’t gotten that message… appearances are just as important here, unless you totally take yourself out of the norm

[2010/10/09 12:50]  Fury Warwillow: some people are hopeless at appearance, in rl or sl

[2010/10/09 12:50]  gazelle Falconer: I have yet to meet some here who is older than I am

[2010/10/09 12:51]  Truelie Telling: in rl? I’m 66, how old are you?

[2010/10/09 12:51]  FreeWee Ling: How do you know?

[2010/10/09 12:51]  Truelie Telling: some of us like to brag

[2010/10/09 12:51]  FreeWee Ling: heehee

[2010/10/09 12:51]  Jorga Joubert: Then why do the vast majority present as some version of Ken and Barbie (sorry late comer to the conversation… may have been covered?)

[2010/10/09 12:51]  gazelle Falconer: and I can relate to the invisibility issue

[2010/10/09 12:51]  lizsolo Mathilde: in general I find people receptive and open here, no matter what form I take

[2010/10/09 12:51]  Truelie Telling: and I know quite a few peeps older than me

[2010/10/09 12:51]  FreeWee Ling: You don’t know how old anyone is unless they tell you.

[2010/10/09 12:51]  gazelle Falconer: I am 64

[2010/10/09 12:52]  Truelie Telling: the nice thing is, my friends are all ages here

[2010/10/09 12:52]  gazelle Falconer: So now I have met someone odder than me in sl

[2010/10/09 12:52]  FreeWee Ling: I have a couple of friends here who are in their 60s. It’s not unusual.

[2010/10/09 12:52]  Fury Warwillow: yes, all ages and backgrounds

[2010/10/09 12:52]  lizsolo Mathilde: I think that is part of the nature =of SL Jorge, sort of built on a shopping mall culture

[2010/10/09 12:52]  lizsolo Mathilde: that we can then subvert

[2010/10/09 12:52]  Truelie Telling: and age is not an issue, although in rl, I get those ‘little old lady’ looks

[2010/10/09 12:52]  Tesserae Swansong: so do we now care less about how Gracie… all the gradations of Gracie… look?

[2010/10/09 12:53]  lizsolo Mathilde: is almost impossible to find a little old lady avatar in SL

[2010/10/09 12:53]  gazelle Falconer: b8ut the reason I brought it up was to counter the idea of invisibility

[2010/10/09 12:53]  FreeWee Ling: I have an alt that’s a grumpy old man that I made to go with a friend’s grandmother figure.

[2010/10/09 12:53]  gazelle Falconer: My alt is a grey head

[2010/10/09 12:53]  lizsolo Mathilde: cool

[2010/10/09 12:53]  gazelle Falconer: a wrinkled greyhead

[2010/10/09 12:53]  Ze Moo: My alt is a celebrity ,)

[2010/10/09 12:53]  Tesserae Swansong: by invisibility I meant that one seems to have less currency (western culture) as one gets older…

[2010/10/09 12:53]  lizsolo Mathilde: and do you find you are treated differently as an older avatar

[2010/10/09 12:54]  Tesserae Swansong: more easily discounted

[2010/10/09 12:54]  lizsolo Mathilde: I relate to that Tess

[2010/10/09 12:54]  gazelle Falconer: very much so

[2010/10/09 12:54]  Tesserae Swansong: so in that regard SL is a more egalitarian place, I guess

[2010/10/09 12:54]  lizsolo Mathilde: yes, in that way and in many other ways

[2010/10/09 12:54]  lizsolo Mathilde: is an equal ground

[2010/10/09 12:54]  lizsolo Mathilde: no borders

[2010/10/09 12:54]  FreeWee Ling: I found when doing RP in a fantasy sim that as a small faerie I felt very weak and vulnerable. It was not a comfortable feeling.

[2010/10/09 12:55]  gazelle Falconer: but only if the avis aren’t true to rl

[2010/10/09 12:55]  Tesserae Swansong: mmhmm. so here, do we care which one of these shapes Kris keeps for Gracie to wear all the time?

[2010/10/09 12:55]  Tozh Taurog: it depends on what she wants to do.

[2010/10/09 12:55]  FreeWee Ling: There’s no need to choose

[2010/10/09 12:55]  Tesserae Swansong: I can relate to that FreeWee… makes intuitive sense to me

[2010/10/09 12:56]  gazelle Falconer: it depends on her friends

[2010/10/09 12:56]  lizsolo Mathilde: Gracie is Gracie, whatever the form

[2010/10/09 12:56]  Tesserae Swansong: yep 🙂 now tell that to Kris!

[2010/10/09 12:56]  gazelle Falconer: and who they recognize

[2010/10/09 12:56]  lizsolo Mathilde: the light shining inside is Gracie

[2010/10/09 12:56]  FreeWee Ling: Wear what makes you comfortable or what makes you learn something. Then change. Or not.

[2010/10/09 12:56]  gazelle Falconer: arrrrgh

[2010/10/09 12:56]  gazelle Falconer: lol

[2010/10/09 12:57]  Tozh Taurog: gazelle, we choose our friends.

[2010/10/09 12:57]  FreeWee Ling: Even Gracie isn’t Gracie. She’s Kris..

[2010/10/09 12:57]  gazelle Falconer: the persona that inhabits the avatar is primary to the avatar?

[2010/10/09 12:57]  Ze Moo moving on to next event, GREAT PERFORMACE GRACIE! AWESOME!

[2010/10/09 12:57]  lizsolo Mathilde: oh yeah, right, lol

[2010/10/09 12:57]  Ze Moo: thanks!

[2010/10/09 12:57]  lizsolo Mathilde: Gracie/Kris is Kris/Gracie

[2010/10/09 12:57]  lizsolo Mathilde: haha

[2010/10/09 12:57]  Truelie Telling: Gracie has changed Kris too

[2010/10/09 12:57]  FreeWee Ling: Who says identity is not ambiguous?

[2010/10/09 12:58]  FreeWee Ling: Half the time I don’t know who the heck I am.

[2010/10/09 12:58]  gazelle Falconer: I am not so sure it is

[2010/10/09 12:58]  Tesserae Swansong: for me, it is not. that is the wrong word for it

[2010/10/09 12:59]  Tozh Taurog: Perhaps it’s merely vague?

[2010/10/09 12:59]  lizsolo Mathilde: fluid

[2010/10/09 12:59]  gazelle Falconer: I have wondered if an avi will ‘rub off’ on the person wearing the avi

[2010/10/09 12:59]  Tesserae Swansong: though it may change, at no point in time is it ambiguous

[2010/10/09 12:59]  Truelie Telling: at this age, I know who I am and it is not who I thought I was

[2010/10/09 12:59]  FreeWee Ling: I’m glad you can be so unequivocal Tes.. heehee.

[2010/10/09 12:59]  Tesserae Swansong: 🙂

[2010/10/09 12:59]  gazelle Falconer: lol

[2010/10/09 13:00]  lizsolo Mathilde: interesting True

[2010/10/09 13:00]  Tesserae Swansong: well, to call it ambiguous is to be as unequivocal, Free :_)

[2010/10/09 13:00]  gazelle Falconer: Trulie

[2010/10/09 13:00]  Tesserae Swansong: ambiguous* gotta cut these nails


[2010/10/09 13:00]  Truelie Telling APPLAUDS!!!

[2010/10/09 13:00]  Jorga Joubert: thanks!

[2010/10/09 13:00]  FreeWee Ling: Thank you to Gracie/Kris and the VB performers!

[2010/10/09 13:00]  Gracie Kendal: :)))

[2010/10/09 13:00]  lizsolo Mathilde: Fabulous

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Sophie Allegiere takes a bow

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Gracie Kendal: what a great conversation you guys have been having :))

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Truelie Telling: inspired some great chat!

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Ann Ehret claps

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Gracie Kendal: absolutely :))

[2010/10/09 13:01]  FreeWee Ling: A stimulating experience.

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Fury Warwillow: now for god’s sake go put some clothes on! 🙂


[2010/10/09 13:01]  FreeWee Ling: lol

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Gracie Kendal: lolol fURY

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Gracie Kendal: WHY???

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Truelie Telling: even if half of you are just clouds, and I can’t actually see what you look like

[2010/10/09 13:01]  lizsolo Mathilde: yes, great conversation, I really needed that actually:))))

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Tina Reverie: hehe

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Paige Adagio: thank you for letting us help, Gracie!

[2010/10/09 13:01]  Molly Vinciolo: this was fun

[2010/10/09 13:02]  Tina Reverie: We Live! We have Voices!

[2010/10/09 13:02]  gazelle Falconer: ty for your ty

[2010/10/09 13:02]  Paige Adagio: we are not bots!

[2010/10/09 13:02]  Truelie Telling APPLAUDS!!!

[2010/10/09 13:02]  Molly Vinciolo: except for me

[2010/10/09 13:02]  Sophie Allegiere: yeah, shame on the guy who said that

[2010/10/09 13:02]  Molly Vinciolo: I *AM* a bot

[2010/10/09 13:02]  lizsolo Mathilde: I rez, therefore I am!

[2010/10/09 13:02]  lizsolo Mathilde: nice!

[2010/10/09 13:02]  Gracie Kendal: sorry for the typos..lag

[2010/10/09 13:02]  FreeWee Ling: Cool.

[2010/10/09 13:02]  Paige Adagio: we can finally scratch our noses 😀

[2010/10/09 13:03]  gazelle Falconer: enough of the discredited Des Cartes

[2010/10/09 13:03]  gazelle Falconer: lol

[2010/10/09 13:03]  Gracie Kendal: LOL

[2010/10/09 13:03]  lizsolo Mathilde: 🙂

[2010/10/09 13:03]  Tesserae Swansong: thank you, Gracie. very much 🙂

[2010/10/09 13:03]  gazelle Falconer: Sartre put him in his place

[2010/10/09 13:03]  Gracie Kendal: Your most welcome :))

[2010/10/09 13:04]  Truelie Telling: Gracie, I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite a while, and this really brings you both to life… thank you!

[2010/10/09 13:04]  Gracie Kendal: Your very welcome 🙂

[2010/10/09 13:04]  Gracie Kendal: awwww thank you so much Truelie :))

[2010/10/09 13:05]  Gracie Kendal: It was very surreal for everyone to inhabit my avis..LOL

[2010/10/09 13:05]  Gracie Kendal: at the last minute we put out the other set of pose balls… thinking more people may jump in them

[2010/10/09 13:05]  Paige Adagio: I kept looking for stuff in inventory, haha

[2010/10/09 13:05]  Gracie Kendal: to be part of the exhibit too

[2010/10/09 13:05]  Gracie Kendal: haha Paige

[2010/10/09 13:05]  Gracie Kendal: not much there huh

[2010/10/09 13:06]  Paige Adagio: nothing I recognize!

[2010/10/09 13:06]  Gracie Kendal: haha

[2010/10/09 13:06]  Gracie Kendal: well we got the idea..cuz someone jumped on a free poseball when we were setting up

[2010/10/09 13:06]  Gracie Kendal: happy accidents

[2010/10/09 13:07]  Gracie Kendal: I have to put on my glasses so I can see..LOL

[2010/10/09 13:08]  Pixeleen Mistral: I liked the two chat streams

[2010/10/09 13:08]  Paige Adagio: this was tons of fun

[2010/10/09 13:08]  Asimia Heron: it really was

[2010/10/09 13:08]  Gracie Kendal: yea it sure was :))

[2010/10/09 13:09]  Pixeleen Mistral: Gracie you should do a think piece about performance art for the Alphaville Herald

[2010/10/09 13:09]  Gracie Kendal: Ohhh I’d love to Pixeleen

[2010/10/09 13:09]  Gracie Kendal: I was actually thinking I need to write an article about this

[2010/10/09 13:10]  Pixeleen Mistral: you should

[2010/10/09 13:10]  Asimia Heron: you do

[2010/10/09 13:10]  Asimia Heron: it was especially interesting when the audience stopped picking at the work and started self-reflection

[2010/10/09 13:10]  Gracie Kendal: Yea totally

[2010/10/09 11:11]  Paige Adagio: how did you pick the names for all these avatars? randomly? or is there meaning behind them?

[2010/10/09 11:11]  Gracie Kendal: no there is meaning… Paige is named after a good friend in SL… who I met for the first time in RL in March..she filmed my transformation…came out from NY

[2010/10/09 11:12]  Gracie Kendal: Frida based off of Frida Kahlo

[2010/10/09 11:12]  Paige Adagio: oh, yes! I remember reading about that. she did a great job

[2010/10/09 11:12]  Gracie Kendal: Elizabeth- Jane Austin who I love

[2010/10/09 11:12]  Paige Adagio: that’s really cool 🙂

[2010/10/09 11:12]  Gracie Kendal: yea 🙂

[2010/10/09 11:13]  Gracie Kendal: A few names I had before… names I liked [2010/10/09 11:15]  Gracie Kendal: I guess I should get dressed…or undressed too

[2010/10/09 11:15]  yamarontoast Dagger: Kris u r Gracie right?

[2010/10/09 11:15]  Gracie Kendal: no

[2010/10/09 11:15]  Paige Adagio: take it off!

[2010/10/09 11:15]  Gracie Kendal: well kinda

[2010/10/09 11:15]  Gracie Kendal: haha