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Kris: It seems like I’m always working… While Gracie is always exploring… Who lives the better life?

Gracie: Yea, I think I do have the better end of the deal here. Just catching up with my great friend Micah from Pennsylvania. I mean how cool is that to chat with friends from all over the world. I know one day you’ll meet Micah too.

Kris: Yea, absolutely!! I’m so proud and very lucky to know him in any reality.

Gracie: So did you get sick walking in the rain? I mean it looks awfully cold. I am pretty lucky, don’t have to worry about getting sick or cold.

Kris: Yea, but can you feel the lovely, sensuous tickle of the rain as it softly touches your body? Hmmm I think not.

Gracie: No, but I was able to travel to Immersiva and experience Bryn Oh’s amazing installation. Did you? Oh yea, I guess you did too… Hmmmmm I have to think about this. Should I be jealous of you?

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