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It’s only 830pm SLT

Love Conquers All By Caravaggio

And yes…I am logging off SL. Can you believe how early it is??? Yea… It’s better that way. I can actually do something productive in RL, like read for my thesis, or wait, even write it. Wow…what a concept.  Another day almost gone, and not much accomplished.

Ok….well..depends on who you ask. My boys at Cedars got a lesson in Art History. Yep.. I showed them images by DaVinci, Caravaggio and their friend Mapplethorpe. we even analyzed the punched hole in the Monet.

Yep, you heard it…some drunk punks broke into the Musee D’Orsay and punched a hole in a Monet. How sad is that 😦

Anyways…It was a fun night. Hanging with the boys. I love you guys!!!! 

Greg said to me before I logged off, “You make Sl interesting.” Awwwww…How sweet is that. Thanks so much you guys.

You make my whole life interesting. And as i have said before, you are my family.  

Have a great Night…Ciao Bellas~~

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