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Ice cream is easy. Life is Hard…

Gracie- What’s up?

Kris- Oh, another day another dollar.

G- Hmmmm well you’re just lucky to have a job.

K- Oh yea, I’m not complaining. I don’t mind. I just wish I could concentrate on art more. I have so many ideas going through my head, I feel I don’t have enough time in the day to do everything I wanted.

G- Sounds to me like those high expectations of yourself are coming into play again. You can only do so much.

K- Yea I know, I know.

G- So I was looking at today, day 27.

K- Yea?

G- Yea. What’s going on? Why compare us like that?

K- Well yesterday I weighed myself at work.

G- Oh geez. Not a good sign.

K- No it wasn’t. Remember a couple weeks ago, when i said I didn’t want to go above 200 lbs?

G- Ummm yea?

K- Well, I did. Yesterday I weighed 206.7 lbs.

G- Oh you had to add that extra .7 in there did ya?

K- Well, yea!! Although hopefully that is just water weight..haha

G- So why are you telling me this?

K- Oh I don’t know.. because it’s on my mind. I looked back and found in March of this year, I only weighed 165. So I gained 41 lbs.

G- 41.2

K- You’re so funny!!

G- Yea, I know 😀   Seriously though, what are you thinking? I mean you had to know that eating all that ice cream and those bags of M&M’s would make you fat.   Do you know why I’m not fat?

K- Ummmmm, because you can’t eat?

G- Ok, well besides that fact? By the way, thank you for pointing that out Ms. Smartypants!!

K- Well I guess I have to say, because I don’t want you to be fat.

G- Yes, exactly. Why can’t you use that same thinking for yourself?

K- I know, you’re right, but much easier said than done.

G- Sighs!!! It’s all in your mind. Just think about it.

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