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I am trying…

So I few days ago, I met a new friend who lives in Germany. We started talking about my project and he asked me some serious, thought provoking questions. One of which was, “Who are you?” Now, of course, this is what my project is based on, a self exploration of sorts. I had asked this question a year ago, when I first started the project and I answered it by writing a poem… I am beautiful, I am ugly, etc. (check out my artist statement to see it again)

Today, I revisited the question again… Here is what I came up with…

Who Am I?

I am a woman

I am 37

I am an Emergency Room secretary/monitor tech

I am single

I am an artist

a graduate

a teacher

a leader

a friend

I am someone who is trying

someone who is searching

I am afraid

I am lonely

I have an eating disorder

I am intelligent

I am witty

I am sexy

I am sassy

I believe in equality

I believe in freedom

I hate politics

I like dogs (some)

I am both social and private

I am intuitive



I am a team player

I am friendly

I am responsible

I am wondering

I am asking

I am needing

I am looking

I am smiling.

Who are you?

I am still not sure who I am. These are words, do these define me? I don’t know. They may change tomorrow, next week. I will learn, I will evolve, I will progress, grow, I will find what I want and not look for it still. I will change.

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