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So, remember a couple days ago when I said I was going to grow out my hair? It was already getting a bit longer, ok it was only 1/2 an inch, but still, long for me. Why not continue to let it grow? Why not go back to when I had longer hair?

This whole hair thing is an every-changing, ongoing process. I keep trying to figure  out what it means. Why did I shave my head in the first place. I am pretty impulsive after all. I wanted to make a statement about body image, my frustration with the media and my perception of labels and stereotypes. When I make a statement, I really make a statement. I felt the best way to do that was, as my painting professor used to say, GO BIG OR GO HOME!! Funny how that carries over into my other art concepts. I would use that as my motto, but people may get the wrong idea 😀

Anyway, Over the last year, as I have said in previous posts, I often consider how my appearance shapes my life. I struggle with ideas of what it means to be free from society’s expectations vs. following the norm and being one of the sheep. I think about my interior thoughts and feelings vs the exterior, public persona. It’s definitely a struggle. I know there is no right answer. I just know I have to keep on working, sketching ideas, thinking about possibilities, questioning everything and do what I feel I have to do in the moment.

So this is my moment from yesterday… I had my head buzzed shorter than ever before (with a #1 blade). Take from it what you will. At least It’s cool on hot LA days.

(Thank you to my good friend Osceola Refetoff for the photos!!)

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