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Fitting in…

Gracie- How are you feeling?

Kris- I’m better, Thanks.

G- Are you sure?

K- No…haha

G- Yea I understand. Yesterday was a tough day. Do you want to talk about it?

K- Yea, but not sure what I want to say. I am blaming most of it on PMS. That is an excuse, but I’m sure that was a catalyst of what happened.

G- So what happened?

K- Oh, It was partly my fault. I think I was being a little childish. I was reacting to someone reacting to me, and it just went downhill fast and caused us both to just break down in our own ways.

G- Hmmmmmmm.

K- Yea I know. I am trying to understand what happened. I am just tired of needy people. I am tired of always being the good guy, always catering to everyone and expecting to be perfect. Because, I am soooo not perfect. Even if I have high expectations for myself. I finally tried to stand up for myself and I just feel even worse now.

G- So what are you going to do about it?

K- I don’t know. I am still trying to get over the pain of criticism and having my feelings dismissed. That seems like it happens way too much. Well next time I won’t be PMSing, so I won’t be such a bitch. I will try to be the grown up and move on, even though I know it’s gonna be hard to be in that environment again. But I will have to learn to get over it.

G- Well I think you have some good ideas. You do look tired on Day 14, was that after it happened?

K- Yea, I should have taken a picture of me crying but I didn’t think about it at the time.  Unfortunately, I am looking very tired in most of my pictures lately. The time change, just isn’t helping my sleep habits.

Day14 copy

K- Well I admit I didn’t take this picture of me on Day 15. My friend Rick took it with my camera while we were hanging the painting guild show.

G- Well that’s ok. This project is still new and you are still experimenting with different things. And it’s a great picture of you. It shows your spirit, your personality and energy.

K- Thank you 🙂

G- Your welcome!! Rick is a great photographer. He was right to talk you out of deleting this picture.

K- Yea, he was.

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