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Day 83 of Project 365: Going to extremes

This is me, today, taken a few mins ago.

I have decided to grow my hair out. I may go the extreme and grow it long. To be honest I am not sure why I am starting this new project/performance/artwork but I feel its something I have to do. It is kind of along the same lines of having an ideal avatar in Second Life. ‘If I an fighting the ideal stereotype of female representations why do I have an avatar that fits that stereotype? Why am I growing my hair out longer if I am fighting so hard against the sexualized image of women in the media?’ Honestly I don’t know, but I feel its part of the process of the fight, the struggle to break down the stereotypes, to fight against the judgment and criticism and to say “I can be myself and I don’t care what you think!” Because in the end it is about being yourself. And you are beautiful!

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