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Day 79 of Project 365: Gracie minus Kristine?

There is a great comic called Garfield minus Garfield where Garfield is erased from all the scenes. What you have left is John going through this existential crisis of life. It is pretty hilarious yet brilliant in its content. When I think of my work I often ask my self, who is the artist here? Who is the art? Is Gracie creating me? Or am I creating Gracie? What would happen if I disappeared and let Gracie lead her own life? What would Gracie do? Hmmmmmm

When I think of the story of Gracie Kendal, I often look to other sources for inspiration. While I am not in love with Gracie, I think of the story of Pygmalion who falls in love with his sculpture. I think of  Walt Disney who created Mickey Mouse who eventually took on a life of his own. The movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is a great illustration of the virtual and physical colliding. As is “Cool World.” What other examples can you think of?

What would happen if Gracie took on a life of her own? Gracie minus Kristine? What would Gracie do?

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