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Day 74 of Project 365: Change of perspective

Today has been a “Monday on steroids,” as a friend described it. I think the universe was off kilter today. There has been an overall melancholy mood and chaos surrounding the day. The ER has been ‘full moon’ crazy. And yes I believe in the full moon myth. You would too if you worked in an ER. Personally I am in a funk. Last night I messed up a small portion of paint on a mannequin, I’m stressed over money, I’m exhausted from work and fighting off getting sick. I keep forgetting I have had a lot of big things going on too. I am still very sad over my grandma passing away. I realized I have been so busy those feelings are buried and affect me when I least expect it. I have also felt alone lately. I won’t get into it much just to say, I haven’t felt special. I do what I can so I feel special but its different than having someone else make you feel that way. I think its just part of being lonely. I’d add and being single, but I don’t want to generalize. Anyway, I always try to remember to change my perspective. I am a glass half full kinda gal but forget to think positive sometimes. Tonight is the last night our dear Chaplain Jan works before she retires. Jan is a wonderful friend. She has supported my art and even my religious/spiritual searching. She is planning on becoming a clown with her husband going to different hospitals to cheer up patients. How amazing are they??? In her honor many people brought her favorite dessert to say goodbye. CHOCOLATE!!! Did I say how much I like chocolate???


BTW… It was a gorgeous 70 degree day in Los Angeles today!!!

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