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Day 69 of Project 365: Turning 40

Yep, today is the day. Or was. It’s almost over. At least I still have my birthday week!! Had a really nice day today. Nothing too dramatic or exciting. Delivered art to a gallery in Malibu I am showing at next month. Had a lovely ride there and back along the beach. The weather was beautiful so I stopped and took a few shots. The sound of the water hitting the shore was really nice as well as the seagulls cooing over heard. Very peaceful.


I went  home and took a nap, which got me thinking that I must be getting old if I am napping on my 40th birthday…LOL Well it has been a crazy busy time at work so I have been exhausted. That’s my excuse anyway!!

Turning 40 isn’t too big a deal. It just means I am 4 decades old that’s all. It’s a nice big round number. I will never be 21 again, nor 28. Well, I don’t remember those years as being too exciting anyway.

The 30’s have been pretty good to me. I graduated college, moved into the Brewery, went to Europe, joined Second Life, made a ton of new fabulous friends, dated a bit here and there, painted painted painted and had a solo art show. If the 40s are the best years, I am looking forward to many more wonderful and exciting challenges and adventures.

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