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Day 65 of Project 365: ART in Los Angeles!!

I just finished working a grueling 3 days in the Emergency Room. I have been so exhausted, I normally need a full day off to recover. That wasn’t too happen.  I hit the ground running today by going to see Art for virtually 9 hours straight. My friend Nicole and I hit the LA Art Show, then the LA Contemporary Art Fair and last the MAS: Attack @ LA Mart.

I was going to try to stop by my friend Marina’s party in  the middle of all this, but I was so tired and on art overload I wasn’t able to make it. I was sorry to have missed it 😦

Instead of 1 photo of the day, I am opting to show you a gallery of photos I took throughout the day. I wanted to share my favorite art pieces as well as some fun shots of the atmosphere of the day and night. Enjoy!

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