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Day 64 of Project 365: “Oh, lady, sorry”

Yesterday I had just got to work and was leaning in the passenger side of my car getting some stuff. This truck pulled up and an older guy rolled down the window and said, “hey buddy are you leaving?” I stood up straight and looked at him and said, “no sorry.” He totally looked embarrassed and said, “Oh, lady, sorry.”

There is a guy at work who every time he sees me says, “grow your hair.” He informed me yesterday that women should have longer hair than men.


After 7 months of living with a buzzed head, I still struggle with ideas of gender, attraction and beauty. In my experience of living almost 40 years I have found most guys go for physical attractiveness first. So by asserting this, I guess I am saying that I don’t believe I am physically attractive. I know my personality is attractive. That’s why online communication and virtual worlds such as second life work. It is the first impression of my personality and character that people meet. 

I am not making this a lack-of-self-confidence post. What self confidence I lack in the physical realm I think I more than make up for in other areas. I am wondering what attracts men to women?

Maybe I need to stop basing my ‘standards of attraction’ on the superficial sentiments of certain,people and look to better examples. A respected friend told me I should wait for the guys to come after me. (I need to learn to stop ‘shoulding’ on myself.) Maybe its time for me to take charge and go after the guys I’M attracted too. Yea!! Why do I even question what men are attracted to???!!!!

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