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Day 60 of Project 365: My girls

When talking of “my girls,” normally people think of daughters, or best friends, or even breasts. I often refer to my mannequins turned avatars as “my girls.” Of course, I also often refer to my paintings as “my babies.” Funny how these creations become humanized through love and affection, even when they don’t take on human form. Of course, the idea of creating a work of art is often likened to ‘giving birth.’ So it makes sense. Not sure how the male artists feel about this.

One of my girls knocked me in the head with her elbow last night. Ok ok, so I may have gotten in the way of said elbow, but hey, she didn’t have to hit  me, geesh!!!


My 2nd figure is going to be mostly blue and dedicated to my grandma. She loved blues. Especially Starman blue. She followed the move and the subsequent TV series, eventually being in a group who tried to keep it on the air. She became friends with people all over the US as well as with Robert Hayes, his family and a few other stars from  the movie and series. I think she would have loved this figure.

I don’t know what to call these ‘figures.’ Mannequin turned avatar, sounds soooo off. Sculptures? Or just avatars? I hate calling them mannequins because that is how they started but I feel like I am giving them to a new identity. And Todd, No, I am not calling them Manny!!

People still don’t grasp the concept of  avatars, while I am working on changing that, I want to call them something that makes sense to everyone. Hmmmmmmm

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