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Day 57 of Project 365: Stairway to Heaven

My grandma was always an early riser. Waking up to do laundry, dishes and even golf when she was still playing. She waited until this early morning to leave us. My aunt, uncle and I were at her bedside holding her hands, making sure she was comfortable, saying our many thank yous for giving us a wonderful life and eventually saying good bye. It was very peaceful and I believe graceful.

A little bit after she was gone, my aunt and uncle went outside to get some air. When they came back in they were smiling. They said that my dad had come. I had to ask twice what they meant. My dad passed away 9 years ago. When they came back Into the hospital an instrumental version of “Stairway to heaven” was playing. I had goosebumps. This was my dad’s favorite song, well besides “Welcome to the jungle” and we played it at his funeral. Now I am not religious, but I consider myself spiritual and I believe in signs. I have faith that my grandma is ‘somewhere’ with my dad, grandpa, her beloved dog Tiger and the rest of her family. And I believe my dad may have shown her the way.


Now I am sitting outside rereading the first book she wrote about her life in Germany. It’s a lovely warm afternoon and I am content.

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