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Day 54 of Project 365: What’s your name?

When I was born, my parents named me Kristine. As soon as they left the hospital, they started calling me Tina. Thankfully, they didn’t name me their first choice, Dondy. LOL  Actually my Grandma always hated the name Tina, so rebellious as she is, she has always called me Kris. I hated that for a long time. Why did she have to be different? LOL

When I went to junior high, I wanted to be called Kristy by my friends. Lucky, that stage didn’t last long! My family has never stopped calling me Tina.

After High School I decided I wanted to go by Kris. So every place I have worked, gone to school and new friends I have made have called me Kris.

As my career in art has grown, I have been using my full name of Kristine again. My website is Kristine as well as my email address. I even changed my Facebook to Kristine because that is my professional name. And I don’t mean as a stripper! Well not in public. LOL  (Just kidding mom) So, newer friends have been calling me Kristine. It has taken some getting used to, but I actually respond now when I hear Kristine. LOL

I won’t even tell you what my nickname was in High School. Only a few friends are privy to that info. And luckily a couple of them aren’t on Facebook. LOL

What is your name? What do you like to be called? Do you have a nickname? What has been interesting is how Facebook responded to pseudonyms. That whole controversy sparked much dialogue on identity.

Of course, if you know my art, you also know I go by Gracie Kendal. Have I confused you yet? LOL


I made this little “Kris” name tag in my very first Art History class. I was so happy to find it not too long ago!

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