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Day 52 of Project 365: Grandma

Today I drove to San Diego to visit my Grandma in the hospital. She is sick with pneumonia. Thankfully most of her tests came back normal, so it  is  just the pneumonia she is battling.

My Grandma is an amazing woman. She grew up in Germany during World War II and wrote a lovely book about her life at that time. She has the best memory of anyone I know and keeps it up by playing Jeopardy every night. When I was a young angsty teenager, she took my brother and I to San Francisco via all the Missions and Hearst Castle on Pacific Coast Highway. I often think back on those times wishing I was paying more attention but being that angsty teenager, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to  enjoy it as much as I should have.

I left her this afternoon trying to rest, getting fluids and antibiotics and some oxygen. I think she is feeling better because she is giving the nurses a hard time.

When  I left I told her I  loved her. She  said, I love you more. She had told me once that this is a game that her and my uncle play every night. Many thanks to my aunt and uncle for everything they do for my Grandma. You are both amazing!!

My grandma is one of a kind!!!

I left the hospital right when the sun was setting. I followed the sun to the beach and found a really great spot to get a last view of this gorgeous sunset.

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